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t’ beginningz… (hoping so much mode on)

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@ march 16th, 2009

well, probably today is just another ordinary day for other person, but for me, today is t’ beginningz – today is one of my first step to reach one of my dream : becoming a baker who has an online shop.  mm…not just an ordinary baker, actually, but becoming a cake artist is one of my very dream that i really wish it’ll come true (beside becoming a very good housewife, a very good mother and an interior dzigner and an architect – so much hopes, uh.. – that means u will need so much efforts, babe..  😛 )

i try always to keep all my dreamings even everytime i wake up, everyday, every second… i know it will be hard to be done in a very fast way… but i do believe in process – just go with t’ flow. i believe that process makes better, just like practice. so, there’s no reason to be down every time you failed – coz that’s t’ process u know – if u know how to see the positive view, that fail will make you being a better person. with your trial n error (aka t’ process) you’ll be better n better everyday in any field that u do.

today i went to my friend’s office @mayapada tower. she’s one of my very best friend – met her on my 2nd grade of secondary school @tarki. my purpose : give her the b’day cupcakes, give the cookie n brownies n cake tester n give t’name card. since i know that she’s crazy ’bout purple, i made her ‘the whity purply cuppy cakes’ 🙂  . hence’s birthday was on march 5th, but i made t’ birthday cupcakes for her so late – just this morning hehehe… but i’d already sms her on march 5th… anyway, happy birthday, hence!! thanks for being my best friend for years… she was so happy to meet me (i think not as happy as i meet her haha…kidding, bu..) but too bad we have no long chat coz she was very busy – we will set another day for hanging out. ok girl, happy working!!!

t’ response was so much fun ( i wasn’t be able to say t’ respon was good – coz i still have no order yet hihihi…) but i really happy seeing t’ response of hence n her friends… thanks, gurlz – u make my spiritz up!!!

this is the birthday cupcakes i gave to hence :

the smaller cupcakes is the tester for gerde – my previous office before i decided to resign. gerde is an interior designer consultant n contractor. the photos of the office’s situation is gerde’s office after renovation. wow, it feels so much wider, more focused in its new layout – for the working area n lobby n meeting area. wish u luck, guyzz !!!

pheww…i’m so tired today – since i wake up so early this morning to prepare the decorating things – n also, this is my first fondant making. i haven’t use t’ fondant before – but after i play with it, i feel that i won’t stop to do the other experiment n other experiment…so much fun !!! all my friends in creativewithfondantforum were right!! fondant can be SO MUCH FUN… 😀

for decorating i just use : my clean hand, toothpicks, donut sugar, pie mould, flower gum paste (buy @titan), food color, fork, roller, plastic base, mineral water – and of course, t’ fondant itself. whooaaa…so much fun to do this – if i don’t remember i must deliver the cakes to hence n gerde, i think i will try to make another figurine n decorating.

i just can’t wait to make my next fondant!!! 🙂

oh ya, tomorrow i will go to vivere n trans 7 – my next targets hehe… but too bad my sister was out to bandung for 3 dayz so i reschedule my plan to trans. maybe i’ll go to my cousin – just see tomorrow.

can i do this? will it be easy to run? well, i leave it all to Allah’s help. alwayz pray, alwayz try…

Ya Allah, please bless all my plans – i do this Insya Allah Lillahi Ta’ala – just for reaching your bless and adding my faith of your glory. Thank you, ya Allah SWT…


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March 27, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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  1. pertama aja dah sekeren ini mi….walopun mataku agak2 gimana liat…kejauhan motonya ya? thx ya sist…aku jadi ikut pede . I hope your dream’s will be come true (bener ga seh inglisku?)hehehe….bangganya punya sodara seperti ini….

    Desri Susilawani

    December 13, 2009 at 4:49 am

    • maacih ya, auntie… tapi akyu masi harus banyak blajar lagih niy…
      hihihi… matana jadi kelilipan poto yah… ya gitu deh kalo potograper gadungan sok moto-moto kekekkkk… 😛

      amiinnn… thanks, sista – dakyu jugah bangga bersodara dengan dikow yang pandai inih…

      funky fun-T mimi allegra

      December 13, 2009 at 5:27 am

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